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What is DQ-Painting?

Welcome to DQ-Painting, where seeing you smile makes us smile!

The DQ-Painting company specializes in producing unique Paint by Numbers and Diamond Paintings. The mastery we have developed in this field has made us one of the most popular brands, and we are one of the most popular suppliers abroad. Our kits are shipped worldwide for sale.

At DQ-PaintingClub, we believe painting has magical powers. This is why we have created a whole collection of dreamy Paints By Numbers available all year long for you to enjoy. 

paint by numbers

Why try Paint By Numbers?

Painting is an extremely therapeutic and rewarding activity that we think everyone should be able to take part in. And that’s what’s so great about paint by numbers sets – anyone can create something beautiful, and have fun doing it too!

The process of painting (when you take the pressure off) is extremely relaxing and can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. With a paint by numbers set, you don’t have to think too much and can spend some much needed time away from screens and nurture your creative spirit. It’s a great way for aspiring artists to get familiar and comfortable with the fundamentals of painting too before you embark on your own projects.

Decorate Your House With Your Art

It’s now time to hang it and admire a composition that wouldn’t exist if you didn’t take the time, effort, and willingness to make it.
Your piece of art can also make up for an awesome gift for someone you love!

Get Social

Did you know that many PBNers organize painting evenings with friends? Who doesn’t love the company of others? Friend groups, local gatherings, or social media – it’s so much fun to share ideas, get advice, and compare canvas! Welcome to join us! 

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