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Keeping Teenagers Away from Screens with DIY Paint by Number – Summer is Here!

As summer approaches, so does the freedom of teenagers to indulge in endless screen time. Technology can be addictive and has been linked to negative health effects, including lack of sleep, eyestrain, and increased anxiety. This summer, encourage your teenager to put down their screens and try something new, like DIY Paint by Number. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Paint by Number can help keep teens away from screens while also offering a host of benefits.

DIY Paint by Number offers a host of benefits:

Encourages Creativity

Paint by Number offers an avenue for teenagers to develop their creativity. With a wide palette of colors and brushes, they can express themselves freely and create unique artwork that truly reflects their personality.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

In contrast to tapping their fingers on smartphones, Paint by Number requires a bit more physical effort and helps teens build their fine motor skills. Holding the paintbrush, squeezing the tubes of paint, and making precise strokes all require control and dexterity, which can improve over time with practice.

Keeping Teenagers Away from Screens with DIY Paint by Number

Relieves Stress

Painting has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By engaging in Paint by Number, teenagers can release their tension and anxiety without resorting to unhealthy or addictive behaviors.

Fosters Patience and Perseverance

Creating a masterpiece cannot happen overnight. Paint by Number requires time, effort, and patience, skills that teenagers can develop by exploring creative activities. Through the process of creation, young people learn perseverance, determination, and the satisfaction of working hard towards a goal.

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Finishing a Paint by Number project, no matter how small can give teenagers a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

Ways to Encourage Teenagers to Try Paint by Number:

Keeping Teenagers Away from Screens with DIY Paint by Number

Set Up a Creative Space

Create a designated area for Paint by Number, complete with all necessary materials and equipment. This space should be well-lit, comfortable, and free of distractions.

Start with Simple Projects

Introduce young people to Paint by Number slowly by starting with basic projects. Youtube tutorials could provide inspiration, especially for beginners, and help young people learn popular techniques, such as the Bob Ross method.

Encourage Collaboration

Paint by Number can be a fun and social activity, which enables young people to connect with friends or family members. Encouraging teenagers to create artwork together or explore new techniques with peers helps them bond while also boosting creativity.

Share Your Own Journey

Leading by example always works well when it comes to influencing teenagers. Parents, teachers, or caregivers could share their own experiences in Paint by Number, providing a positive role model for teens to aspire to.

Paint by Number offers teenagers the chance to be creative, hone their fine motor skills, overcome stress, practice patience, and build self-esteem. By encouraging teenagers to engage in crafts such as Paint by Number, we can help them develop healthier habits and stay away from screens, while also fostering their artistic abilities and personal growth. Let’s make this summer one of growth, exploration, and learning!

Where to buy DIY Paint by Number?

Luckily, you can buy Paint by Numbers kits in many places, even your local grocery store. However, if you don’t want to make a trip to a brick-and-mortar store, or if you prefer to order online, there are many other places to buy. DQ-PaintingClub, for example, offers a full range of kids’ kits on its website. You can choose from super easy to moderately difficult painting pieces for your child without spending a fortune. Plus, buying online is usually cheaper than buying in a brick-and-mortar store. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite Paint by Numbers kit before it sells out.


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