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Painting with children – exciting for every age

Children painting

Many parents may have heard of paint by number kits, but do not understand its specifics and benefits. Paint by number is a new type of handicraft that allows children to color in a numbered pattern and matching paints by printing them out, resulting in an art-filled piece.

Paint by number kits has many advantages and is especially suitable for developing children’s hands-on skills and exercising their intelligence. The following are some of the benefits of paint by number for children.

Let children experience the fun of paint by number kits

First, paint by number allows children to experience the fun of drawing. Children are often curious about colors, shapes, and other elements, and through oil painting, they can bring these ideas to life. At the same time, paint by number kits, as a fine craft, requires attention to detail when it is completed so that each color block cannot be misplaced, overlapped or spilled. This playful addition of rigor not only satisfies children’s desire to create, but also teaches them the importance of paying attention to detai

child paint by number kits

Improving children's attention span

Second, paint by number can enhance children’s concentration. Children need to carefully identify the colors corresponding to each number, apply color blocks according to the position of the picture, and perform each step precisely when completing a paint by number. These tasks require children to focus completely on the details, thus exercising their concentration and observation skills.

Paint by number improve children's creativity

Third, paint by number kits enhances children’s creativity. Compared with traditional colorful doodle books, in paint by numbers, because of the presence of numbers, children only need to follow the instructions to fill in the colors, not in a disorderly way like playing with ordinary doodle books. They can mutate some parts according to their own imagination to enhance the quality of their handwork or express their individual aesthetics, while also trying to add other elements to expand their creativity, and because it is a work that can be framed and hung up, it allows parents to evaluate their children’s craft work.

Exercises the child’s patience and endurance

Fourth, during the production process, it also exercises the child’s patience and endurance, which requires long hours of effort and continuous patience when encountering very complex depictions or large swaths of color gradually filling in. By completing complex and detailed paint by numbers, children can develop their patience and endurance, making it easier for them to face the challenges they encounter in school and to persevere.


To sum up, paint by number is a relatively new, fun and challenging craft. In addition to exercising children’s hands and intelligence, it can also improve their concentration and creativity. Therefore, we recommend parents to let their children try paint by number as a handicraft to cultivate their good qualities and bring them a relaxing and fulfilling painting experience at the same time.

paint by number for kids

All the things that children paint by number kits should have

A little peace and quiet! Before you look for paint-by-numbers for kids, you need to know what comes with the kit (as standard) and what additional tools you need. Here is what you should look for in the best kits:

  • brushes/brushes for kids
  • small, easy-to-read paint cans
  • pre-painted large cross-sections of children’s paintings
  • frames to hang their paintings on the wall
  • picture of what the last piece should look like – they don’t have to use this, you can let their imagination run wild.
  • painting/clutter aprons – not usually included in kits, but they definitely need one!

Keep these in mind when purchasing a digital paint kit for your child. This list will help them stay nice and relaxed so they can really enjoy their painting time and have fun.

Where to buy paint by numbers for kids

Luckily, you can buy paint by number kits in many places, even your local grocery store. However, if you don’t want to make a trip to a brick-and-mortar store, or if you prefer to order online, there are many other places to buy. DQ-PaintingClub, for example, offers a full range of kids’ kits on its website. You can choose from super easy to moderately difficult painting pieces for your child without spending a fortune. Plus, buying online is usually cheaper than buying in a brick-and-mortar store. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite Paint By Number kids kit before it sells out.


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