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Top 6 Best Abstract Acrylic Paintings for Beginners

Acrylic painting is a popular medium for its versatility and aesthetics. The abstract style frees beginners from detailed representation, allowing exploration of shapes, colors, and textures, transferring emotions through the canvas. Pairing digital oil painting with acrylic gives an unparalleled experience for new painters, as they discover their potential and learn to express themselves. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 best abstract acrylic paintings suitable for beginners. We’ll also explore some inspiring works created by renowned abstract expressionist artists.

Inspiration from famous acrylic abstract expressionists

Jackson Pollock’s “Number 1A”

Pollock is famous for his ‘drip’ or ‘action’ painting method, where he drips, splashes and smears paint on canvas. Beginners can try this technique with acrylics using different tools such as brushes, rollers or sponges to create their desired effects.

Jackson Pollock Number 1A

Willem de Kooning’s “Woman I”

De Kooning was known for mixing figurative and abstract elements in his paintings. His work can inspire beginners to experiment with different approaches, blending realistic pieces with abstraction.

Willem de Kooning Woman I

Joan Mitchell’s “Ladybug”

Mitchell used bright colors and bold brushstrokes, creating rhythmic abstract landscapes. Lily shapes, colorful leaves, and scattered dots invite beginners to enjoy form and color in their paintings.

Joan Mitchell Ladybug

Franz Kline’s “Chief”

Kline employed bold black lines together with vivid primary colors to create bold shapes filled with energy and tension. Beginners can use this as inspiration to simplify forms and experiment with contrast.

Franz Kline Chief

Best Abstract Acrylic Paintings for Beginners

Acrylic paint and digital oil painting techniques are great ways for beginners to express their creativity. By exploring different techniques, including geometric shapes, texture, fluid art, impressionism, abstract landscape, mixed media, pop art, monochromatic, experimental shapes, and minimalist design, beginners can create stunning abstract art. The essential ingredient is your passion for creativity and desire to explore the limitless possibilities of abstract painting. With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating dazzling works of abstract art that showcase your unique artistic vision.

Abstract Landscape

Creating an abstract landscape can be a fun and satisfying way to express your creativity. Use different shades of blues and greens for sky and grass, with browns and yellows for hills and mountains, to create an eye-catching abstract landscape.

Minimalist Design

A minimalist design can be an excellent starting point for beginners who want to learn how to restrain themselves. Selecting small and straightforward designs with limited colors can often produce some of the most beautiful abstract paintings.


Impressionism focuses on capturing the essence of the moment rather than the details. Applying thick brushstrokes with loose and free movements can create a dreamy, colorful, and atmospheric abstract painting.

Geometric Shapes

Beginners can start by exploring geometric shapes in their paintings. Using simple shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles, along with bold and bright colors, can create stunning abstract designs.

Abstract Figures

Abstract figures in acrylic painting can be challenging but fun to do. You can use geometric shapes and bold lines to create faces, bodies, animals, or objects in a unique and abstract way.

Color Block

The use of color blocks in acrylic painting is a straightforward way to create visually appealing artwork. You can choose two or more colors and apply them in large blocks to your canvas.

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